Our Mission

Together, we can change City Hall.

Voices of Austin knows the majority of Austinites think the city is headed in the wrong direction. Voices of Austin knows the majority of Austinites want positive change.

Voices of Austin knows how Austinites feel about their government because we did in-depth public opinion research. We listened to the voices of Austinites.

Voices of Austin will show those individual Austinites who feel unheard at City Hall that their sense of being ignored by City Hall is shared by the large majority of their fellow Austinites. VofA is a grassroots voter education coalition which will educate the majority of Austinites who already want better government that has:

  • Sensible, Affordable Transportation
  • Land use laws that protect neighborhoods instead of destroying them
  • Tax money spent on what Austinites want
  • Increased public safety

The Board of Directors’ Statement of Purpose

Austin City Hall is not listening to the real Voices of Austin, our residents.

An extensive public research opinion survey finds that the majority of Austinites believes our city government is not working for us. Instead, our City Council is more influenced by highly paid lobbyists for special interests, who are not pursuing the common good. After lobbyists, most Austinites believe that Austin City Hall is listening to city staff more than its own residents. Staff should be transparent with Austinites and
enact public policy driven by Austinites’ voices, not set policy or operate in the shadows. We will hold the mayor and Council accountable for a budget and bond process to assure rational spending priorities and avoid wasteful spending.

The goal of the organization is to change what is happening now at City Hall and have the real Voices of Austin — its residents — be heard. Voices of Austin will communicate on various issues, including:

  • the need for additional police officers to assure our safety;
  • a sensible, workable transportation policy that addresses Austin’s traffic and transportation problems and helps move people where they need to go;
  • a land use policy that protects the property rights of owners and enhances Austin’s neighborhoods, and
  • a transparent, responsible process for developing budgets and bond proposals which result in a budget and bonds which reflect the essential needs of the entire community.

Austin must have a city government that listens to and represents all residents. Voices of Austin has been formed to accomplish this. Change can and will come to Austin government when the majority of the people — the true Voices of Austin — are heard!

Together, we can change City Hall.

VofA will not run candidates for city council. As a voter education coalition, we expect that once the voices of Austinites are heard, new and different candidates will choose to run for city council. We cannot tell people how to vote, but we will tell them the truth. When the majority of Austinites knows the truth, change will come to City Hall.